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FeFè shoes 100% Handmade Made in Italy White Color: Material: 100% Leather

FeFè shoes

100% Handmade Made in Italy Color: White Material: 100% Leather
Measures: INCH
9 US 42 EU 11.5" - 4.25"
10 US 43 EU 11.75" - 4.25"
11 US 44 EU 12.25" - 4.35"

About FeFè Glamour Pochette menswear

A simple and full name, but also self-ironic and ambitious, noble and ‘guappo’ at the same time, above all strongly Neapolitan. The Fefè from the beginning watch the market almost like a challenge, a game of challenges, glimpsed the possibility of including in the context of fashion an extremely simple and in the meanwhile incredibly sophisticated product: pocketsquares of the classical tradition, revisited in a modern version, revolutionized in the style, in presentation, in essence, pocketsquares of the highest quality combined with innovative, conceptual and experimental designs and colours. Shows around Italy and the world start with a suitcase getting bigger and bigger, full of dreams and new products to put on the market, part of a careful and meticulous distribution, developing the strangest and most viral forms of communication. Today, the brand Fefè, in a very short time, has already achieved a sales network consisting of approximately 300 dealers in Italy and in the world, offering a range of products much more varied than the initial launch (such as scarves, ties, bow ties, swim suits, socks, shoes), it uses quality materials and / or alternative ones, it is the protagonist of a global expansion through the choice of the best distribution channels . _______________________________ If you have any questions, alert us, we answer soon... RETURN POLICY: Items can be send back max after 7 days received the goods, we change items or refund the price only for the item! WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR CUSTOM DUTY!